Do you want Alaskan Malamute dog?

Are you ready to take home the Alaskan Malamute race?

On the web you will find a lot of information about the breed – I will not write about it..

How is it in real life?

Do you have enouhgt time to take care right Alaskan Malamute dog? Playing together, doing sport, walking for a long walk..

Will not close him to the playpen dog when he grows up or lose a coat ?

Malamute it is a big heart on strong legs and with a huge amount of fur.

For me Alaskan Malamute is conjured from nature , conjured up from snowstorm.

Having Alaskan Malamute dog it is not the same to have a dog – it is life style.
Alaskan Malamute is not be similar to another race, do not expect blind obedience from


Independent, wise,
stubborn, confident, sociable,
but you can also make an enemy for you..

You need to be consistent and orderly. You should love him but also raise him

Malamut is not suitable for living in loneliness, he needs a man like oxygen, he needs company to live.

Are you pedantic?

Do you like a clean apartment without hair?

Unfortunately, I have to worry you, Alaskan Malamute is a very clean dog, but not his surroundings.
His fur and sand, which after drying will fall from his coat, will be in your home.

Alaskan Malamute can destroy everything, hunt everything that is within his eye in the kitchen, or at the neighbor’s yard (chickens, ducks)

He loves his herd, loves to escapes and will love every new owner.

Alaskan Malamute greet each burglar, enjoys each friends and never will you  protection against a thief.

Do you have children?

Do not insulate Alaskan Malamute from children – becomes jealous,

but never leave a child alone with malmaut, this big strong dog has no idea how much strength he has and can do harm to a small child.

If you still wont to continue life with  Alaskan Malamute dog

Congratulations 🙂

Be absolutely sure that your life will be very interesting and you will have the opportunity to experience a great adventure with this beautiful unique Alaskan Malamute breed.

Our puppies are members of our family and pass them only to someone who meets our expectations.

Good Luck

Maria Strzelczyk Wolf Huts kennel