About the breed

Alaskan Malamute

A very strong dog built for heavy work, the big guy craves regular exercise. They need a daily exercise and a good-sized fenced enclosure. As a puppy, he is affectionate and full of life. Chewing is one of his bad habits; therefore, crate training is recommended when you are unable to supervise him indoors. He may argue about leash-breaking, but he is highly intelligent and will learn quickly, enjoying the camaraderie and exercise from daily walks. He must learn to relinquish his food and toys on command, but these lessons must be accomplished with fairness and patience. As an adult, he is majestic and dignified, strong-willed and self-confident. You may find him to be more reserved with strangers. The Malamute loves children but, like all large dogs, should be supervised during interaction. He is unsuitable for guard work, although his size alone will discourage intruders. It is not unusual for a Malamute to become intolerant of other dogs of the same sex; therefore, caution must be exercised when introducing him to other canines, regardless of their size. The Malamute cannot be allowed to grow up lacking controlled socialization with humans or animals, or he may become dominant over people he doesn’t respect and aggressive with other dogs and cats. A sensible combination of love and discipline will result in a devoted, trustworthy companion.