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“A dog is the only creature on earth that loves you more than yourself”

Josh Billings

Welcome to our home page of Wolf Huts kennel


Welcome to the Alaskan Malamute breeding website Wolf Huts FCI

Our adventure with Malamutes began in 2012, when came to our home a puppy-girl,
 Farewell To Arctica Huk Amarok “Ferii”.

Half a year later, joined to her Inno del Lago degli Orsi “Max” , a five-month-old puppy brought from Italy.

Ferii’s partner , companion and future father of their children.

From the beginning of our stay in our house they are full members of our family, they live among us.
Both Ferii and Max have ancestors coming from the line created in the US by
  Nancy Russell STORM KLOUD

and Gloria Urbani  Lago degli Orsi Kennel from Italy

Malamutes of this line are characterized by great beauty, perfect psyche, extremely gentle character, strong bones and beautiful shapely head. These wonderful traits are passed on to the puppies.
Our “beasts” love to move just as much as lounging on a comfortable sofa.

From 2016, Hypatia Wolf Huts FCI (Hypatia) joined to our herd. This is the daughter of Feria and Max from the second litter “H”

The daily dose of traffic provides them with a bicycle walk through field and forest roads.

 Our puppies are born and raised in our home as full members of our family. We dedicate them a lot of love and time, making them wonderfully socialized. We also take care with huge solicitude for their health and development. We try to breed oue beloved breed – Alaskan Malamute with caution, based on the knowledge that we continually gain.

You are welcome to follow our posts from breeding and shows on this web site and track our progress. 

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